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Being creative has taken me throughout this world to places I had never thought existed – I call it roaming creatively. Cities, countries, and experiences have satisfied my appetite to discover the beauty of this life and to find gratitude for all that I have found.

My life has been about creating, seeing, and sharing the beauty that I see. Always experimenting and finding new ways to learn and be expressive. This is what I do.

Through exploration and curiosity it is an adventure to create right now in the present, following my heart and intuition into the unknown. I know that each moment requires my presence and in that moment and I find my bliss.

I now find myself in Dénia, Spain. I never imagined that I would be living here but I connected to this place. In a way, I was drawn to this area of this peninsula as if I had a memory of being here before. I am a newbie in the eyes of the locals and expats who live here. My life has been in land-locked Colorado, USA and now here I am, in a Spanish fishing village of all places, and continuing to learn and express myself. It is a great discovery and great place to create.

~ Your’s truly, Eric J. Trujillo

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